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AHA! is a studio devoted to teaching dance not only for

educational purposes and fostering future careers in dance,

but to offer students the experience of dance as a recreational

activity and outlet for self-expression and creativity. The studio

takes pride in teaching a graded system of material (inclusive of fundamental motor movements, dance vocabulary & technique) that progresses in a challenging, rewarding, motivating manner. Each class maintains a positive atmosphere, wherein realistic expectations are placed upon students, individuality is encouraged, and respect and discipline are enforced.






Advanced students are invited to take part in a work study program.

 This program is designed to give students an opportunity to

participate as class demonstrators/teacher's assistants for studio

credit.  This program not only gives additional technique class opportunities to the students chosen to participate, but also providing great hands-on teacher training experience. To qualify, candidates must be enrolled in Tap, Ballet, and Jazz classes. Candidates must be proficient in each subject and are expected to set an example for younger students in behavior, attendance, and dress.

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